From left to right: Kristin Gebben-Jackson, Jay Kennedy, Tom Mullen, Monna O’Brian, Tom Chiola, and Mark Neidlinger.  Not Pictured: Ehren Fournier and Michelle Joseph

A new theatre model for Chicago: fostering the development of artists and their work.

Chicago Theatre Workshop acts as an incubator for new works and is dedicated to the creation of theater that invigorates, inspires and challenges our perceptions of art and music. An intensively collaborative initiative, CTW melds the creative process with the audience experience.

The work we do involves significant risk. And if we do it well, significant reward. We are bold and fearless.  We are creative. We push the boundaries of what art can be and help shape the direction that theater will take. We are always on the forefront of new work and new talent. We foster that work and we watch it grow into its fullest potential. We are an incubator.

Risk. Reward.